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Paria Ranger Station
paria ranger station First of all, getting the famous " permit".  Two options to obtain a permit, either online four months in advance or as a walk-in for the next day. In both cases, a lottery system will determine the successfull applicants.
The lottery at the Paria Ranger Station
the wave lottery
Early morning drawing for the next day's ten open slots.

The permit in hand, how to get to the spot ?
From the Ranger Station drive 5 miles west on Hwy 89 up to the "House Rock Road". 
The turn-off is located on the left (south) side of the road, between mile markers 25 and 26, at a curve, at the end of a guard rail.
Turn at the unmarked dirt road. This is House Rock Road easily passable under dry conditions.

The Permit
paria permit
House Rock Road turn off
house rock road
Buckskin Gulch

buckskin gulch
Wire Pass Trailhead
wire pass After 8 miles approx., you will arrive at the parking lot of Wire Pass Trailhead.
This is the starting point for "The Wave" and "Buckskin Gulch". 

If you failed to get the permit (or while waiting to get it), Wire Pass is also the starting point for Buckskin Gulch, a very impressive and beautiful "slot canyon".
In our opinion, Buckskin Gulch is not to be missed, with or without The Wave.
Apply for a "Self-paid permit" on the parking lot.